Year 7 Pupil Bakes Beautiful Garden Cake As A Thank You To School!

Devon started baking in earnest during lockdown, producing cookies and brownies before turning out a beautifully decorated cake for Easter. After Easter, lockdown hit home and he realised how lonely some people were. He started baking and delivering gift-boxed goodies to friends to cheer them up as well as to his teachers who were self-isolating and working from home.

For some time, Devon had been planning a thank you cake to express his gratitude to all the staff in Blake, the RHS House dedicated to Year 7s, for making his first year at the school so enjoyable. He chose a garden theme to reflect the school’s Grow with Us campaign, whereby a tree is planted for every new pupil joining. Devon felt that he had grown so much in his first year.

It took a week to create the intricate vegetable decorations, but he made the cake and decorated it in a single day. He started early in the morning before school and worked late to complete his showpiece so that it would be delivered fresh to RHS the next day.

Devon now plans to bake over the summer as part of his school project work and is considering applying for Junior Bake-off.


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