Woodbridge Horticultural Society

The first meeting of the autumn saw members gather at Woodbridge Community Hall, to hear Helen Worvill from Four Seasons Plants. Helen intrigued members from the start by laying out two small gardens on the floor of the hall. Her aim was to demonstrate how to plant up a small area to provide colour and interest for the whole year.

She began with a three by one metre shady garden into which she put winter flowering honeysuckle to provide flowers and scent for most of the winter. This was followed by winter flowering box and variegated Euonymus Emerald Gaiety. Viola ‘Freckles’ brought blue flowers in the spring while Brunnera provided ground cover and small flowers similar to forget-me-knot in the summer.

In her two by two metre hot garden, she used Mahonia and Euonymus as part of her winter colour plan, while  the more unusual Azara is well suited to a wall or fence, for spring flowering. Geums and rock roses provide vibrant colour in the summer time while Verbena and Rudbeckia are ideal for the later flowering period. Pheasant grass is ideal for texture and all year round colour

Helen suggested it was much better to fill your garden with plants and remove some if they became too dense, rather than have bare soil, where the weeds could grow.

The next meeting took place at the Shire Hall on Market Hill on Thursday 12th October, when Ian Limmer of Peter Beales, presented a talk entitled Getting the Best Out of Roses.

For more information, visit: www.woodbridge-hs.org.uk/

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