Wildflower Meadow In Copdock

Copdock Parish Council has agreed to reduce the mowing regime on the open area on the corner Pheasant Rise and The Street, Copdock to allow the wildflowers to flourish, produce flowers and then seed. The area will then be mowed late summer and the cuttings will be removed, gradually reducing the nutrient level in the soil so that vigorous grasses and plants like nettles don’t dominate.

The wildflowers will be labelled as they appear so residents get an idea of the diversity of the plants that flourish. Hopefully, given time, this diversity will increase over the years to the benefit of pollinating insects and improving our natural environment.

Plantlife, a national charity promoting and conserving wildflowers and their habitats, is trying to encourage the public to adopt ‘No Mow May’. By reducing the amount of mowing, wildflowers will flourish to the benefit of all.

Why not join us and put the mower away for the month of May?

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