Village Link Club

At the June meeting, a representative of the Hearing Care Centre, gave an informative talk about how the ear works to allow us to hear sounds, why hearing loss occurs as we get older and why nothing can be done surgically to improve matters.

Their speaker then went on to explain how hearing aids work and the different types available. Costs vary from a few hundred pounds for a basic hearing aid which amplifies all sound to the latest digital ones costing several thousand which can individually adjust the level of narrow frequency bands. Some can even be controlled by the wearer via an app on their mobile phone.

Janet Dann will present a talk entitled Suffolk Chapter & Verse at their meeting on Wednesday 9th August. This will be followed by a fish and chip lunch for club members.

Future talks this year will be: Elderly Drivers, Jewel of the Canaries, A Year As Mayor of Ipswich, Christmas Special Message and Carols, First Aid & AED with a demonstration, Dad’s Army, The History of Scarecrows, Pray Silence for ? and The History of Butley Priory.

Meetings are held at 10am on the second Wednesday of every month in Tattingstone Village Hall. Following the speaker, they have refreshments (when there is time for a chat with other members) and a raffle. New members and visitors are welcome to join. They normally hold a members’ lunch after the August and February meetings.

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