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Many of you will be aware that due to COVID-19 many VE Commemorations have been either scaled right back or postponed.

It grieved those who have spent months organising and setting up events but doesn’t mean nothing is going to happen. Many Legion Branches and counties are trying to use social media to commemorate the date with some form of flag raising.

At the moment we are looking at the VJ period in August for a combined event but if it has to be later so be it. Various parties will be scheduled when we get the all clear and will be announced on social media, in In Touch and on posters. We want to make it memorable in the best possible way.

Moving on, The Legion is helping veterans and has offered its former Break Centres to the NHS for recovery centres for Coronavirus patients. Many regulars, reservists and volunteers are being directed in the support of the NHS supply line and many will have seen the extra 4,000 bed emergency hospital ably supported in its finishing by the Armed Forces Engineers and civilian builders.

Legion Branches throughout Suffolk are offering support where they can and are joining with Good Neighbour Schemes and others in supporting those in isolation. In Shotley you can contact Shotley
Corona Buddies on Facebook and you’ll find lots more information online at:

There is a message below for ex-service and service persons in need. If you are not service or ex-service we will direct you to those who can help. We are all trying to help at this time.

One small item is that due to the directives for funerals, standard-bearers will not be able to attend funerals until the all clear is given. Many would like to but it is their health the Legion is concerned with as many are over 65 years, though those under 65 are also at risk.

Wreaths can still be sent to funeral services, or in the case of Shotley can be collected with 48hrs prior notice from the PAO in the area (contact email address below).

On a happier note, look out for the window bears when you take your daily exercise walk!

Lastly, may I thank Dina, Jill, Sarah, Will and Shaun for their support at this time, not forgetting those in the Good Neighbour groups, doctors’ surgeries, teaching schemes and all our local businesses providing foodstuffs, meals and support; the list is endless.

Thank you to the social media sites in the area for publishing all sent to them, including the items for those of a military sense of humour. It all helps!

Keep safe and keep the faith, as we will not break with it!

Brian Ives BSc (Hons)
Shotley Erwarton and District Branch The Royal British Legion

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