Three Cheers For Volunteers

Christmas 2020 was, without doubt, a very strange experience for those at The Christmas Present Trust. Normally, they would have had an army of volunteers to decorate the Ansell Centre on Christmas Eve, a huge celebratory meal and entertainment for guests and volunteers on Christmas Day, and then the clear up on Boxing Day.

However, 2020 saw just the two of them in the Ansell Centre on Christmas Eve, peeling vegetables and preparing everything for the following day.

They missed the fun that normally goes with this event, a casualty of the Covid-19 crisis. However, thanks to an army of volunteers, they were able to deliver 90 meals safely on Christmas Day as far afield as Stratford St Mary, Boxford and Highlands Road.

A big cheer to those of you who gave up a part of your day to help and who made sure that all precautions were followed to keep everyone safe. Many of those who received the meal said how lovely it was to share part of Christmas Day with such lovely people.

As always, they could not have managed without the kindness of all those who donated time, money and assistance.

Simon and Sarah Thompson would like to give particular thanks go to Stuart Morris Textiles (for the beautiful tea towels), Earl Stonham Women’s Institute (for some glorious mince pies), Adnams Hadleigh, East of England Co-op, Franey and Rand charities, The Cooking Experience, Hadleigh Cares, Erivica Cakes, The Ansell Centre, Sweet Memories, Charlotte (hand-printed bags for the gifts), Ipswich Building Society and all those who helped throughout the year.

They hope to be able to have their usual party this year but, after six years at the helm, they would like someone else to take over.

If you are interested please get in touch with them at: [email protected]

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