The Orwell Challenge

Do you need to raise funds for a charity, good cause, sport’s club or youth organisation? The ready-made answer is the Orwell Challenge. Just enter and arrange your own sponsorship and the Rotary club will organise the event for you.

The Orwell Challenge, previously known as the Orwell Walk, has been organised for the last 42 years by Ipswich East Rotary Club and has enabled £3 million to be raised for local good causes.

The next event will be held on Sunday 23 June 2019. Each entrant pays an entrance fee to take part in the event and then raises sponsorship for their charity or good cause. Entrants can book their place in the event by registering on the Ipswich East Rotary Club website. There is a discount for early registration.

The annual event ranges over private land between Ipswich and Felixstowe which is not usually open to the public. The event has become known as the ‘Happy Walk’ because Rotarians go the extra mile to be welcoming and encouraging to all the entrants. You can walk between three and 25 miles, or run distances up to a full marathon. Rotary provides check points, toilets, ice cream vans, food stalls and a rescue service to ferry walkers and runners back to the start when difficulties occur.

Sign up now to raise funds for your good cause:

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