The Lord is Good…

Sometimes, one thing happens that pushes everything out of the headlines. There are so many sad situations on the world, but they get forgotten about by most people because they are t being given any attention any more. Our lives can be like that too. One thing overwhelms our emotions, be it happy or sad, and it becomes the only thing that seems important. Friends are forgotten for a while, hobbies that we once spent time on no longer inspire us, we stop worrying about how we look, or start!

We can be so grateful that God doesn’t have that problem. He remembers us when we forget or ignore Him. Even when we get angry with Him he does not turn away. But maybe we should also try to always make Him the thing that stays uppermost in our minds, never to forget Him as He never forgets us

The Lord is good. His steadfast love endures for ever and his faithfulness to all generations

Psalm 100:5

Janet Foster, Martlesham with Brightwell

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