The impact of lockdown

Submitted by Capel Parish Nursing Team

A survey from Alzheimer’s Society of around 2,000 people affected by dementia, the largest of its kind, reveals the devastating impact coronavirus has had on their mental health, with a third living with dementia (32%), reporting apathy or a sense of ‘giving up’.

Nearly half of respondents (45%) said that lockdown has had a ‘negative impact’ on their mental health. Around half of unpaid carers (46%) also reported that loved ones with the condition have experienced stress, anxiety or depression. 

Many people affected by dementia have seen their social interactions badly hit:

  • Half (50%) report they now have fewer in-depth conversations than before lockdown.
  • Over half (56%) haven’t met with family and friends from another household since the easing of lockdown rules.
  • Three in ten (29%) have gone at least four days without having a single in-depth conversation with someone.
  • One in eight (12%) revealed they have gone a whole week without spending more than five minutes talking to someone.

Information from the Alzheimer’s Website

So, what is happening locally?

During lockdown the Dementia Café in Capel had to close and is still unable to open safely despite the easing of restrictions. Keeping in touch with the folk who attended the café has been crucial during this period. This has been done through a bi-monthly newsletter, doorstep visiting and regular phone calls from our volunteers.

Many of the folk we have been keeping in touch with have reported that their loved ones have deteriorated mentally and physically during lockdown due to lack of social contact. The carers have also found the isolation hard. They have appreciated the telephone contact and the newsletter.

If you are living with dementia and would like to receive our newsletter or have a regular chat with one of our volunteers, please contact me. If you would like information about dementia or are worried about a loved one, please get in touch.

Margaret Sankey, Parish Occupational Therapist

Caroline: 07588 706869 /

Margaret: 07588 698284 /



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