The Church Roof Refurbishment Project

In these difficult times when lots of charities are desperate for funds with their charity shops are closed and donations are down, we feel quite awkward talking about fundraising for the church roof. In truth, it is not possible at the moment to carry out a lot of what we had planned.

Whatever happens, we will need to replace the roof and it will require a big effort to raise the appropriate funds, but we are very mindful that many are now experiencing economic difficulties.

You will no doubt remember that we want to produce a special recipe book, to be called Loaves and Fishes! We would like you to submit your favourite recipes to either Liz or I (details below) so that they can be included, and any celebrities that are helping us with the project will also be asked to participate. Who knows we might even get Jimmy or Jamie to write an introduction!

If cooking isn’t your ‘thing’, you might be more into pastels, water colours, acrylics or oils? Just to remind you that next year, 2021, is the bicentenary of Constable painting the world famous Haywain. To celebrate this fact, we are organising an art exhibition for local artists. So, if you are already an accomplished painter and have some spare masterpieces, or if you are honing your skills during the lockdown, please bear this fundraising event in mind. Now is the time to paint in preparation while there are no distractions, and it will help while away some time!

Don’t forget too that for those who prefer photography, we are also planning to produce our very own calendar in time for Christmas using your photos taken locally. We know there is some real talent in the village, so why not spend some time sorting through your collection and send us any you are particular pleased with.

Last, but not least, we should like to record our gratitude to Sara and Rupert Eley for their very generous offer of opening their garden to people of the village, in line with social distancing requirements, to raise money for the roof fund. A big thank you to them and everyone who paid to enjoy the beautiful trees and shrubs.

Take care and stay safe!

Fiona Trott and Liz Digby

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