Stowmarket’s Eco Future Group

A quick word from the lovely folks at Stowmarket’s Eco- Future group:

Anti-idling Campaign

With the recent return to school for most pupils, we thought now would be a good time to remind people to turn their car engines off when they drop off or collect their children.

The British Heart Foundation estimated that 2,300 people will die in Suffolk in this decade from inhaling toxic particles from exhaust emissions. These emissions raise the risk of heart attack or stroke, can cause asthma and abnormal lung development in children, and can also exacerbate type 2 diabetes and dementia.

We’re pretty lucky in Suffolk: the figures for the whole of the UK are a staggering 40,000 extra deaths a year from air pollution but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to cut our statistics. Air pollution is also contributing to the climate emergency so by simply turning off your engine while your car is parked you can do your bit to help the planet as well as your children.

Habitat Destruction

We’ve put a lot of effort and energy into trying to influence politics and processes. Two cases of habitat destruction (one in Stowmarket and one in Needham Market) have made the local press. By actively voicing concerns and questioning actions we have been able to highlight various planning issues, even getting the attention of Jo Churchill, MP.

As a result of all our efforts, we have succeeded in getting the district council to agree to notify local residents and tree wardens two weeks prior to any tree works being carried out. We will be discussing these issues, and others such as the National Planning Policy Framework consultation, at our next meeting.

The consultation documents can be found on the UK government website but closes on 27 March. Group members have also been making their views known to local and national politicians on the Gateway 14 proposals, and the Climate and Environmental Emergency Bill.

Our active community

Our Facebook community is continuing to grow and we currently have over 300 people in the main group. More and more people are also joining the Love Where You Live – Stowmarket group. Individuals and families are still organising their own litter picks – mainly on a Friday.

It makes our local area a much nicer place to live and also stops litter harming wildlife. In addition to Facebook, we now have an Instagram account (stowmarket_eco_future) too!

Three actions you can take this month to make a difference:
• Turn off your vehicle engine when parked
• Contact us and your local councillor if you see signs of habitat destruction
• Pick up some litter, recycling what you can

Find us on Facebook or email us: [email protected]
Photo credit: Mark Brewster

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