Stowmarket Tennis Club

Words by Chris Cunningham

Strange things are happening in the world of sport: Ipswich Town seem to be producing some football, Formula 1 is attracting Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin, and Andy Murray is forming a sports management company! This last element is the one which raises the most eyebrows because usually top athletes wait until they’ve reached their peak before distracting themselves with too much off-court business.

The Williams sisters are well known to have created future careers in fashion to continue after their playing days are over, but our Andy will be mentoring young players and sprinters. If you combine this with his persistent hip injury, which is still no better after five months of rehab and physio, maybe his thoughts are turning elsewhere…

Down at the club we have no distractions from the tennis with social play, matches and the full coaching program continuing right through the winter. The weekend league pairs are just about to enjoy a well-earned break over the festive period having reached the halfway point in this year’s campaign.

So far the results sound promising with nearly all of our teams emerging with either two or three points from every home fixture. The coldest weather is yet to come so they’ll be readying themselves for more clothing and more wins as the matches resume.

The starter fun sessions continue to attract good numbers with several new faces appearing for our junior fun sessions: Saturday morning has two sessions for the Under 9s and Thursday evening for the 10s and over. Adults can also get started, even at this time of year, by joining the Cardio tennis class on Tuesday evenings.

It’s a great way to get into tennis without having to worry about your standard or any other expectations. The music is great (not my own, of course) and rackets can be borrowed.

So, a lot going on over the Christmas period so if you fancy working off those extra calories, or even making a bit of space for the beforehand, get in touch.

See you on court!

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