Stowmarket Ramblers

At the time of writing, the government has made a number of broad announcements concerning sport and leisure. By the time you read this, the Ramblers Association will have had a chance to assess which rules are relevant to outdoor walking and how to apply them. If you decide to walk with us, please be prepared to follow the Ramblers Association guidance which may necessitate taking your contact details beforehand and strict control on the numbers of walkers, plus, of course, the usual rules concerning social distancing, hand cleansing, etc. Therefore please regard the diary below as a guide.

Sunday 2 August: 5.5-mile walk in the Pakenham area. Park and meet at Pakenham Water Mill at 10.30am / GR. TL937695. Refreshments and a guided tour available on return (fee payable for these). Leader: 01359 232096

Sunday 9 August: 6-mile walk in the Botesdale area. Park in the street and meet at Botesdale War Memorial at 10.30am / GR. TM048758. Leader: 07905 282420

Sunday 16 August: 5.6-mile walk around Wyverstone and Westhorpe. Park and meet at Wyverstone Village Hall at 10am / GR. TM041678. Leader: 01449 672168

Sunday 23 August: 5.5-mile walk visiting Combs Church and Badley Church using the Gipping Valley path. Park and meet in the Co-op car park in Combs Ford at 10am / GR. TM049578. Leader: 07896 622192

Sunday 30 August: 6-mile circular walk via Darmsden. Park and meet at Needham Lake, but not the toilet side, at 10am / GR. TM095548. Leader: 07831 373154

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