Stowmarket Eco Future Group

Stowmarket Eco Future Group is going from strength to strength and members are getting involved in all kinds of projects. In the last month, we have started litter picking on a Friday (which must be done as individuals or family groups at the moment). Stuff lying around outdoors breaks up into tiny pieces which then get washed into rivers, especially with all the flooding we’ve had recently. It doesn’t take too much imagination to realise how we pollute our world even accidentally.

Many of you will have just received a flier from Mid-Suffolk Council reminding households about how and what to recycle. Please do so but don’t forget to do the other 4Rs of sustainability:

REFUSE to take excess packaging or single use plastic items.
REDUCE the amount of stuff you buy in general.
REUSE items as much as you can.
REPAIR things that break rather than replacing them.

Don’t forget to save up your crisp packets to bring to Red Gables on the first Sunday of the month, 2-4pm. We estimate that about 10kg have been collected already so it won’t be long before the first batch can be sent to Terracycle.

We had our own moment in the media when some of our members made the front page of the local paper last month. Like many residents, we were dismayed to see that most of the walnut trees on Walnut Tree Walk were felled recently. We were also very disappointed with the way in which Mid- Suffolk Council dealt with initial enquiries about the incident. We also felt that the general levels of communication with the community about the redevelopment of the old middle school have been inadequate. We are very grateful to all our members, the local Tree Network wardens and local Green Party town and district councillors for pushing to get answers. We hope that this will highlight to local councils the strength of feeling residents have about the removal of established trees. We are also hoping that the remaining trees will be retained and appreciate the efforts of everyone involved in trying to achieve this.

If you haven’t watched David Attenborough’s A Perfect Planet yet, please try and see it, especially the final episode which talks about the influence human beings have had on our planet. We have caused problems for ourselves so it’s down to each and every one of us to stop doing the damage.

Three actions you can take to help our little bit of the planet:

  • Join in with #LoveWhereYouLive litter pick Fridays as part of your daily exercise. Share your photos on the Love Where You Live – Stowmarket Facebook page.
  • Try to REFUSE, REDUCE, REUSE or REPAIR something that would be going into your RECYCLE or waste bin this week.
  • Watch the last episode of A Perfect Planet and encourage others to do the same.

To get involved, email [email protected], find us on Facebook or join our WhatsApp group.

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