Still Turning Dreams into Reality

 “Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.” Nelson Mandela

Never before have I spent so much time within the four walls of my home. Like many other people over the last few weeks, I have naturally found myself looking for positives and putting plans in place. Time is a rare commodity, and good plans need quality time in order to become a successful reality. People have had more time than ever before to study their home, and home improvements have seen a huge upsurge as people have been locked down in what they now see as a tired kitchen, or a redundant space crying out for an island.

Granite Transformations has received a number of enquiries over this lockdown period asking for our skill and expertise to help transform kitchens and bathrooms. As a trained carpenter and kitchen fitter, alongside my sales manager who also has many years of experience fitting kitchen doors, we work alongside the whole GT team to make sure dream plans don’t just look good but function well, and the build quality will ensure it looks good many years once installed.

For many a new kitchen may mean an increase in sale value for those looking to move house. Often customers take us with them each time they move and we continue to create another dream kitchen in their latest home! Whatever our situation, we all want to stay safe and well in these challenging times.

With this in mind we have implemented new processes to enable us to help customers’ dreams progress safely to become reality. We offer contact via Zoom, WhatsApp, or any of the other means of communication trending right now, but we find most people prefer to work via email and phone. We are happy to communicate by whatever means a customer feels most comfortable with; the key is to establish a way of working which enables a flow for the customer to explore their ideas creatively, and complete the project to a timeframe and budget which works for them.

Quotes are issued by customers sending us pictures of their existing kitchen or bathroom and measurements and as part of our full design service we email various options and prices accordingly. We have sent out a record number of brochures via email, post or facebook download and help the customer to decide on what they do and don’t like and feedback to us within the design process.

An attributing factor as to why interest in our products has been so high may be partly owing to the key features of our etherium E-Stone worktops. They are non-porous and anti-microbial as well as being maintenance free and easy to clean. In these times when hygiene is of paramount importance worktops are known for being one of the major hygiene hazards in the kitchen. The nature of our worktops, as well as the fact we include seamless joins which reduce the opportunity for bacteria to exist, are all ways we can help our customers achieve high levels of hygiene in the kitchen.  

When we are able to be fully operational, new safety measures will be applied regarding installations, working to government guidelines and regulations. However we appreciate we are all different and therefore we agree individual procedures with each customer to ensure the customer’s confidence in their safety as well as the safety of our fitters.

As people are looking at their existing kitchens and bathrooms with ‘new eyes’ we help them see their kitchen to it’s full potential. That’s our job…to help people achieve their dream at a budget they decide – not us.

For more information you can visit to download a brochure, for email enquiries &/or to send drawings and measurements please email  [email protected], or call our customer services team on 01473 718111.

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