Sproughton Burial Ground

From 1 April 1969, a legal agreement was signed between the two councils granting Burstall parishioners the right to have interred in Sproughton burial ground the bodies of persons who would be entitled to be buried in any place of burial provided by Burstall Parish Council.

The right of interment includes the rights to purchase/be granted exclusive rights of burial and the right to erect a memorial stone; the same rights as Sproughton residents and at the same costs. The terms and conditions offered to the parishioners of Sproughton are offered to the parishioners of Burstall.

The original fee paid by Burstall Parish Council to Sproughton Parish Council was £1 per annum. This was increased during the 1990s to £24 and this year, we have received notification from Sproughton Parish Council of their intention to raise this fee to £200 as from April 2022. Burstall Parish Council agreed to accept this increase at the meeting held May 2021.

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