Shotley Pier Update

Unsurprisingly, the plans for the pier proved to be the main topic of debate at the AGM. The original plans met with a somewhat mixed review and prompted one of our investors, John Bowen and a Director, Barrie Powell, to completely re-think the design of the proposed buildings on the pier. The Board considered this new approach favourably and agreed that they should be made available at the AGM where Barrie and John presented their ideas, rationale and drawings. The revised plans were very well received by the attending investors.

Two similarly sized buildings at the shore end of the pier would be built on a platform on either side of the pier. One to house the visitor centre and the other a workshop.  Subsequent to the meeting, some refinements have been made due to functional considerations. The original planned buildings  and footprint of the new design are shown below.

In addition to the views of the Board and investors, the local populace and businesses have also been canvassed and the response has been similarly supportive to the new approach.

The main areas of compromise at this point:

Reduce the height and width of the buildings

Reduce the overall length of the Visitor Centre by removing some tables and chairs, reduce the number of toilets, and remove the office

The Board of Directors agreed three important principles at the outset:

Keep the Pier Clear  for walking on. Group activities such as drawing and painting, photography or other leisure activity such as angling, need to take place on a platform because the pier is not wide enough for groups of people to take up room with stationary activities. We will not build on the pier, only alongside it.

Step-free access  to welcome people with mobility problems and parents with pushchairs.  Selecting a design with a very gentle slope ensures access for all.

Free entry to the pier so that anyone can stroll along it without paying an entry fee.

Please send your comments for consideration to [email protected]

In order to progress the project we would like to receive all comments by 5th January 2019 in order that we can then approach Babergh District Council for consideration

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