Shhh… All’s Quiet At Combs Ford Primary School… Or Is It?

The playground is quiet, there are no excited shouts of friends meeting or games being played.

The lunch hall is quiet, there’s no hum of children’s voices waiting patiently for their lunch and desires for chocolate crunch.

The classrooms are quiet, there are no coats languishing on pegs, the scraping sound of chairs is forgotten and the pencils sit in the tubs waiting to for the opportunity to bring to life the children’s imaginations.

All is quiet at Combs Ford Primary School, but the school community certainly is not. The teachers are still working hard to create new ways to teach children. The pupils are still working hard to show the teachers what they can do and parents are working hard to make it all happen. It is true to say that at this unprecedented time the school community have come together and are stronger than ever.

The staff put together a video with Basil Brush and toilet rolls which caused great excitement; it even made it as far as Australia. Since then there have been several reply videos from the children that have been great fun.
Why not look at our website to see some of the great stuff that has been happening over the last five weeks? PE with Joe Wicks, painting rainbows, cooking creations, dancing, tunes, math and geography lessons, sunshine walks and garden fun to name just a few of the activities pupils and staff have shared.

On 1st April the school became part of a Multi Academy Trust, the Children’s Endeavour Trust, with two schools in Ipswich. We were joined in May by four other schools in Stowmarket. Together we will work together to explore the different ways in which we can work collaboratively to improve the education of our collective pupils.

We look forward to being back together and meeting friends old and new, very soon. Until then we will keep safe and keep in touch.

The school can still be contacted by email at: [email protected]
Combs Ford Primary School, Glemsford Road, Stowmarket IP14 2PN / 01449 613112.

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