Selling Your Home? Make It A Love Story Waiting To Happen!

It’s come as a surprise to many after all the uncertainty Covid-19 has caused, but the UK property market is buoyant and shows no signs of abating any time soon. Many are taking advantage of the stamp duty holiday, and putting their home on the market to upgrade much sooner than they had planned. This is great news for many, and if you are one of these people makes sure you don’t miss out on maximising your sale price by investing in some simple, fast and cost-effective transformations.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and many people will be aware that once they have sold their property one of the first things their buyer wants to do is take out their old kitchen. Most estate agents will tell you that a nice kitchen is one of the strongest selling points to a property, often referred to as ‘the hub of the home’, but few of us want the hassle or cost of updating our kitchen just before we put it on the market. We tend to think installing a new kitchen is a cost rather than an investment, but this could be costing you £1000s in lost value on your sale price. Hearing would-be buyers give feedback such as “hmmm, we would want to update the kitchen” immediately puts you on the back foot for standing firm on your asking price, and it sets the scene of a lower sale price being offered and appearing reasonable.

Granite Transformations can change this, and give you the benefit of hindsight based on their many years of experience helping vendors transform their kitchens and receive sale offers beyond their initial expectations. Indeed, as soon as more than one buyer falls in love with your kitchen and home you can enjoy seeing the offers only go in an upwards direction.

But in order to do this you need to create that essential ‘wow factor’ kitchen which means the asking price is never in question as they fall in love with your home. Granite Transformations will assess your kitchen and give you the most cost effective solution to transform this. Although they carry out many complete new kitchen projects, a kitchen can often be transformed by just replacing worktops and/or doors. Minimal upheaval and mess, a fraction of the price of a new kitchen, but the kitchen can look unrecognisable. The trend for brighter rooms with white worktops and doors can make a kitchen appear bigger, cleaner and fresh. You don’t have to have a stately home to make a new kitchen add a significant increase on your sale price, we have numerous before and after images of small kitchen projects which show how a simple change of doors and worktops have changed a kitchen entirely, making it a kitchen any estate agent would be happy to show a potential buyer!

Make sure the asking price isn’t a factor with your property sale, just a simple love story which starts with your buyer and your kitchen.

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