Safety Is Top Priority As The Hearing Care Centre Re-Opens Services In Woodbridge

As it begins to re-open its services after lockdown local hearing care specialists The Hearing Care Centre have a very clear message to anyone needing support with their hearing: “Your safety is our priority”.

The company which offers audiology and earwax removal services from Framfield Medical Centre has 27 centres spread across Suffolk and Norfolk.

Audiologist Karen Finch said: “Following the comprehensive COVID-19 joint guidance from the UK’s audiology professional bodies, we have examined every single aspect of how we deliver our service to ensure that we can do so safely as we move forward. This has taken weeks of work and preparation but we are now totally confident that we can offer you the support you need in a safe way.”

Karen added: “The most satisfying part of being able to re-open for care is knowing that we offer a valuable and much needed service. The relief for patients after receiving our help and treatment has been overwhelming and emotional.

“It is great to once again be able to offer services in Woodbridge and we are saying if you have discovered during lockdown you need support with your hearing, please don’t let hearing loss prolong your isolation. We are here for you.”

To book an appointment for audiology or earwax removal or to find out more visit:

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