Rock The Manger

Rock the Manger is a community project organised by North Essex Veterans Support Group.

While standing at Manningtree War Memorial during the Poppy Appeal, Sharon Robinson was struck by how sad and anxious people looked so she devised an idea to cheer everyone up.

They placed nativity mangers on all their local War Memorials and asked people to decorate rocks/stones on the Christmas theme and to place them at the mangers during December.

In the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, the stones will be hidden throughout the district for people to find while out and about, bringing a much-needed smile to peoples’ faces.

Sharon said: “This community project would not have been possible without all our local schools getting on board and they have been amazing! The schools designed and made all the nativity figures.”

Lawford Primary made them for the Lawford display, Highfields for Manningtree, Mistley Norman for Mistley and Manningtree High made the stars for each of the mangers. Each manger is beautiful and unique and has created a lovely focal point for Christmas and what it’s all about.

The joinery department at Rose Builders kindly built all the mangers and a lovely lady called Kim Lee donated the straw.

“It was a lovely project to organise and everyone really stepped up, especially the children. It has been a truly heart-warming experience which I am immensely proud to have been a part of,” Sharon said.


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