Portal Woodlands Conservation Group

Once again our volunteers have been unable to meet up due to the lockdown restrictions. We hope that you have had the time to enjoy the woodlands though (whilst socially distancing of course).

In wildlife news, you might see glow worms (Lampyris noctiluca) on an evening walk (sometime after dusk). Keep a lookout for small pinpricks of green bioluminescence in the vegetation. This is produced by the females to attract a mate flying past. If you see any, please don’t disturb them.

European stag beetles (Lucanus cervus) are also active at this time of year. The males too are trying to find a mate, famously simulating a male deer as they do so.

Finally, please be aware that Portal Woodlands is a private wood, the group only being custodians of its wellbeing. With this in mind, a reminder that bicycles should be ridden only on the concrete track and that the path running parallel to the A1214 main road is for use by authorised horse riders only. Also, if you would like to do any fun or family activities, then permission will need to be obtained. Please contact us using the below information so that we can advise you.

Unfortunately, all upcoming events have been cancelled due to the coronavirus. However, if you would like to sign up or get in touch we are always pleased to welcome new faces.

New volunteers of all ages and abilities are always welcome. No experience needed. For further information, please contact us at pwcg.martlesham@gmail.com / 01473 612632, visit our website or join our members’ Facebook Group by messaging Duncan Sweeting.
Nature Explorer and Young Volunteer George Pennick


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