Words by Jo Street

Several months ago I read an article in this magazine, inviting women to apply to become ambassadors for This Girl Can Suffolk.  To promote exercise in all its forms, to encourage women and girls to take up exercise and to inspire women who thought they would never be able to do it.

At 50, after doing ‘on/off’ exercise for most of my adult life, I decided to do the London Marathon – why not? I had watched many other ‘ordinary’ people taking part, how difficult could it be?  It was tough!  From couch to marathon was quite a journey.  But one year later I completed it, with encouragement and support from friends and family. I had caught the bug.  I do not break any records and sometimes need a little push, but I’m still jogging along.

I decided to apply to become an ambassador for This Girl Can Suffolk, partly to give myself encouragement and hoping to perhaps inspire other women….especially those of a more mature age.  I have been absolutely amazed by how many clubs, activities and events there are available in Suffolk!  And what an inspiring group of ladies the This Girl Can Suffolk Ambassadors are.

In January 2018 I will be 60, my partner David has just turned 60.  So we decided to set ourselves a challenge to celebrate.  Almost 10 years on, older, but obviously not wiser we are doing the London Marathon 2018. We are reasonably fit (well we think we are), reasonably healthy (well most of the time, although there have been a few health issues along the way) and reasonably active (when we can summon up the stamina).

We also decided if we are going to do this challenge we should try to raise some money for a worthy cause.  We found PhabKids, this charity is also 60 years old.

For more information on This Girl Can Suffolk, visit: // //

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