Peter’s Four Counties Cycle Challenge

Suffolk-born Peter Berry (54) was diagnosed at the age of 50 with early onset Alzheimer’s and has used his passion for cycling to raise awareness of the condition, particularly in younger people. Last year he cycled from Aberystwyth to Aldeburgh, a total of over 360 miles, and raised in excess of £6,000. This year he has challenged himself to do the Four Counties Cycle Challenge on Sunday 23 June to raise money and awareness for YoungDementia UK. Together with friends and anyone else with a life-changing condition, Peter will cycle across four counties, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk. Of course, Peter, being Peter, is not content with cycling across four counties and intends to do the entire challenge on a Penny Farthing!

Please make a special effort to arrive at various points along the route and cheer Peter, Deb, Jan, Mark and Mike on their journey. Any cyclists who wish to get involved may do so by giving a donation of £5 to join in with the ride.

They will start it Friston and make their way down Yarmouth Road into Melton Street and on into Woodbridge, turning left at the traffic lights, following South Road round past Elmhurst Park, Riverside Theatre on Ipswich Road and on to Kesgrave and Ipswich. If there’s anywhere along this route that’s convenient for folks to gather, please get your friends together to cheer them on their way.

Peter’s fundraising target is £1,000. If you’d like to support him you can make a donation at:

Good luck Peter. You truly are an inspiration.

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