Otley & Witnesham Primary Schools

A quick word from Ian Liddell, Chair of Governors:

Unfortunately, the spring term started in the all too familiar fashion of remote education for all except the children of key workers (KW) and vulnerable children (VC). There was a lot of confusion on the very first day of term when the message from government was that schools should open for all.

However, we took the difficult decision not to open, which proved to be the right choice as the government changed its message later that same day and ordered schools to immediately recommence remote education! Yet again, all staff were superb in combining virtual education and maintaining provision for KW and VC pupils, which is not easy. Lessons were learned from the first lockdown and the remote offer was greatly improved.

For example, using Google Classroom, all year groups received two live lessons a day, a daily whole school assembly as well as home-based tasks. It is not easy for parents to combine home working and home education and they also need to be congratulated for their resilience during this time. The headteacher and staff made regular welfare calls to those families that were known to be struggling.

March 8 couldn’t have come soon enough for all concerned! The school has come alive again and life is slowly returning to normal. Everyone is looking forward to a near as normal summer term as possible but the bubble system will probably continue for some time. Sadly, the usual residential to Derbyshire has had to be cancelled for this year.

After nine years at Otley Primary School, Mrs Baker-Daniels left at Christmas and we thank her for all that she achieved during her time with us. We welcomed Mr Gordon Leathers at the February half term to teach Class 3. We wish him a successful and happy time at the school.

Work is about to commence on outdoor classrooms at both sites as well as a trike track at Otley and a daily mile track at Witnesham. This will greatly improve the school grounds as well as giving further options for the pupils’

If you are interested in knowing more about the school, please contact the schools or visit the new website: www.owfed.co.uk

Otley: ad.otley@owfed.co.uk / 01473 890302
Witnesham: ad.witnesham@owfed.co.uk / 01473 785252


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