Orchard Barn

At Orchard Barn, they are busy making wooden tiles (shingles) for their new craft room roof. The logs used are Sweet Chestnut, which is a wood with tannin in it. Why mention this here? Well, tannin corrodes ordinary metal which means that for their shingles to stay fixed to the roof, they need to buy expensive non-corrosive stainless steel nails to fix them with. They calculate that they need to make and fit over 5,400 shingles to cover the whole roof, and to fix them using these special nails, will cost £250.

This is where their community run project needs your help. In exchange for £5, they will put a name of your choice on the inside of the shingle roof. For £10, they will put two names and so on. These names will remain inside the craft room for decades and will be seen by everyone who comes to learn rural crafts.

Cheques and cash are also welcome. Their postal address is Orchard Barn, Bildeston Road, Ringshall, IP14 2LY. Or drop in between 10am and 4pm on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and have a look at how this hand-made roof is progressing.

They wish you a constructive and creative New Year. Many large thank-yous in advance of your donations.

For more information, visit: www.orchardbarn.org.uk

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