Now Is The Time

We are in strange times at the moment; life has changed beyond recognition and businesses are wondering what their next challenge will be.

Would you believe me, if I told you this is a moment of opportunity?

Probably not, but read on; you might change your mind by the time I get to the end.

People have lots of time on their hands at the moment and are spending more time on the internet. People haven’t stopped dreaming, haven’t stopped imagining and certainly haven’t stopped wanting. When this is all over, they are going to want to get the things, or do things they have been thinking about. If they have been browsing on the internet they will know just where to go to get it.

Therefore, marketing and reaching potential customers is key, right here, right now. Don’t stop getting your name out there, don’t stop advertising what you do and what you provide. Don’t shut away your business during this confinement. Get it out there in front of people, those potential customers, get them ready to come to you when this is all over.

Because you have more time on your hands right now, this is a golden opportunity to take a critical look at the way you’re marketing your business. Are you reaching the right audience? Are you using the right method or media to reach that target audience? Have a good look at how your website works; is it really helpful, easy to use, mobile friendly?

Is it bang up to date, with relative information, new and fresh? Get friends or family to test it for you, they have time on their hands too. How can you improve it to convert hits to purchases or interested customers?

If you’re not sure if the website is doing that, or you’re not sure if your marketing strategy is really making the most of your investment, there are plenty of businesses, working from home, who have experts to help you do that right now. Make a small investment now to make sure you stay ahead of the game when confinement is over.

Don’t freeze in this moment; take action now for your future. You need to be ready for when the  customers come flooding back, when business get going again, when our world returns but to the NEW normality. Get ahead of the game, ahead of your rivals, beat the competition.

Quote: “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Be creative now with your marketing, communicate and reach out to your customers. They have time to listen, time to browse, time to plan to buy. Be positive, make these challenging times work in your favour.

Daren Stainton

If you would like any help with your business please contact Daren at: [email protected]

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