Norton Cevc Primary School

I am writing this article with only one week to go before the Easter break.

We have been back two weeks and it has been such a joy to welcome all children back to school following eight weeks of remote learning. The children returned with big smiles and settled back into the routines of school life seamlessly, a real credit to their resilient characters. As I reflect on the eight weeks of remote learning, I could not be more proud of the children, staff and parents as they embraced a different way of teaching and developed so many new skills.

School life continues to be the same with health and safety procedures in place but the real focus is on the children’s learning and well-being and the children are certainly embracing face-to-face lessons.

In Star Class (EYFS), the children are focusing their learning around the book, The Jolly Postman. They have set up their own ‘Jolly Post Office’ so there are lots of opportunities to write for different purposes. They will also be learning about money when they pay to send a letter and about weight when posting parcels.

In Galaxy Class (Year 1), the children’s new topic is ‘Africa’ and they have immersed themselves in the geography, culture, traditions and ways of life whilst exploring and researching the climate, animals, landscape and artwork.

Battlements and moats will be explained as the children study castles in Planet Class (Year 2). They will investigate the different structures of medieval castles and find out about the people who lived and worked in them and consider how their lives are different to ours today.

Easter Eggs will be the topic for investigation when Comet Class (Year 3) design and create packaging for their very own egg, applying knowledge from their RE learning about Christian symbols to support discussions.

In Rocket Class (Year 4), the children continue to study the Romans and are learning about Boudicca’s rebellion and Roman myths.

Children in Meteor Class (Year 5) will be having fun as they combine their science topic on ‘Forces’ with design and technology to plan and make a moving toy.

In Supernova Class (Year 6), science and PSHE lead the children to look at their physical health. As scientists, they look first at diet and lifestyle, uncovering the wonders of our circulatory system and how our diet and lifestyle choices (including the use of medicines and other legal drugs) can affect us. This is supported in PSHE, as the children tackle issues such as peer pressure, ‘county lines’ and ensuring that the choices they make about friendships are wise ones.

In their first week back, all the children have been creative as they made Mother’s Day cards and I know there will be fun ahead as the children complete Easter activities.

We are also pleased to share with you that we have finally had installed our defibrillator. You may remember, that just before the first lockdown the children celebrated Valentine’s Day by having a sponsored Heart Day to raise funds to go towards it. The event was so successful that we gained all the funds needed to purchase a defibrillator suitable for both adults and children.

It has been registered and placed by the gate, at the front of the school so that anyone in the Norton community can use it. We hope it will never be needed but we recognise the significant difference it can make to someone’s life chances.

Wishing you a Healthy and Happy Easter.

Headteacher Mrs Lisa Sparkes
School Close Norton Bury St Edmunds Suffolk IP31 3LZ
[email protected] / 01359 230520

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