Newmans Wild Bird Feed

Newmans is a family-run Suffolk-based business that has been trading wild bird feed for the past 15 years at very competitive prices.

They offer the highest quality bird feed with products such as sunflower hearts, peanuts and suet pellets, amongst many other products which are all sourced from trusted suppliers where the mixes are free from cheap fillers.

Their products are for all garden birds and the team at Newmans are constantly reviewing their prices to ensure value for money, never compromising on quality. Their focus for 2021 is to review their packaging, striving to offer paper rather than plastic bags where possible.

You may recognise Lee Newman if you attend the lovely Bury St Edmunds and Diss markets, where he sells Newmans Bird Feed.

Lee at a Bury St. Edmunds Market

Jenna said, “Over the years we have got to know our customers very well through weekly chats and giggles on the stall. We have formed friendships from the loyalty of our customers and business continued through word of mouth. Demand grew for larger quantities of wild bird food, however, this was not light to carry, so we began dropping off our orders on the way home from the market.”

Like Jenna states, demand for Newmans Wild Bird Food grew and they’ve started to offer weekly deliveries throughout most of Suffolk and parts of Norfolk. You can find their full range of what is available on their website:

If you’d prefer to you can contact Lee or Jenna by phone on 01394 448911 where they are happy to discuss products and provide a full price list. 

To keep up to date with everything Newmans has to offer, why not give them a like and follow them on Facebook @newmansbirdfeed, where they provide their followers with the best tips on how to feed your garden birds and what products might be best for you!

Now that spring is approaching, lets get out there and show our local wildlife some love.  

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