New Pedestrian Crossing In Kesgrave

Local residents joined together to celebrate the opening of a new pedestrian crossing in Kesgrave recently. The crossing is on the A1214 near to the junction with Cambridge Road. Over the last few years, the A1214 has become very difficult to cross because of the sheer volume of traffic that now uses it.

An additional problem for pedestrians was the absence of dropped kerbs. This meant that those using mobility scooters, wheelchairs or buggies or those with walking difficulties really struggled to cross – it just wasn’t safe.

It was local resident and wheelchair user Kevin Curtis who flagged up the problem and asked for a proper crossing to improve road safety and to enable people to access local facilities. Long time resident Mr Ken Brown also spoke of the difficulties of crossing the road here and Sue Hall, local resident and chair of the town council’s Traffic and Pedestrian Working Group, added her support to the proposal, asking Kesgrave and Suffolk Councils for better provision.

The campaign has taken four years to reach fruition, but residents are very pleased with the result. The crossing was funded with £1,776 from Kesgrave Town Council and £30,000 from County Councillors’ Robert Whiting and Christopher Hudson’s budgets. Residents thanked local councillors for their support.

To mark the occasion of its opening, Kevin Curtis cut a red ribbon held across the entrance and residents used the crossing for the first time. He said that having dropped kerbs and some waiting space in the middle of the road, big enough for a wheelchair, mobility scooter or buggy is a big step forward and will benefit everyone.

Local resident Mary Hill who uses a mobility scooter said that she had previously been unable to get across the road at all and the new crossing would make a big difference to her.

The pedestrian crossing celebration was organised in conjunction with a Pumpkin Party at nearby Kiln Farm Nursery. Residents were invited to enjoy tea and cake at the nursery by owners Paul and Ruth Goudy. Ruth was delighted with the new crossing and said it would be a big help to their customers.

The Pumpkin Party was a celebration of the nursery’s autumn pumpkins and an opportunity to raise money for St Elizabeth Hospice.

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