Music Hall Days Return to Spa

The Spa Pavilion, Felixstowe hosts the latest reincarnation of the legendary show which is making a remarkable resurgence to Friday night viewing on BBC 4.

Featuring an amazing cast of professional acts from around the globe, ‘The Good Old Music Hall Days’ recreates the days of variety with an afternoon of music and comedy to tickle the chuckle muscles…

Curtain comes up at 2:30pm on Thursday April 6th featuring:

  • Kingpin of Comedy together with his banjo – Mr. Steve Barclay
  • Beguiling Balladeer of West End fame – Mr. Andrew Robley
  • Plate spinner sensation of TV notoriety – Mr. Andrew Van Buren
  • By popular request, the return of – Miss Soprano & Mr. Pickle
  • Renowned Suffolk raconteurs – Mr. Stephen Bayfield & Mr. Peter Holloway
  • Most worthy chairman – Mr. Leo Shavers
  • Musical Director of Danny La Rue Fame – Mr. David Carter and the Pavilion Orchestra

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