Martlesham Heath Country Market

Have you been baking during lockdown? Have you been gardening? Many of us have been lucky enough to have more time to enjoy both activities: new skills and languages have been learned, attics cleared, homes and fences repaired and repainted, and some have used the time to unwind and de-stress. My garden has never looked better. What a lot of skill and effort goes into growing decent crops and flowers. A handful of asparagus, eight raspberries and a three-inch butternut squash is all we’ve grown to eat so far, but we have travelled far and wide. Thanks to the internet recipe sites, my culinary explorations have enabled us to sample menus from all over the world

As we emerge, blinking, into whatever passes as post-lockdown normality, even if all goes to plan Martlesham Heath Country Market will not open until September. Meanwhile, anyone who has discovered a new talent for cooking and baking, growing, sewing, crafting and making things, why not think about selling your work? Millionaires we aren’t but friendly we are. Organisation skills are welcome, too – perhaps something to develop and put on your CV if you are looking for work?

Martlesham Heath Country Market is a co-operative for local people to sell their home-made, baked, cooked, grown, painted, knitted, sewn wares. Community links have strengthened during these difficult days and a healthy local economy benefits everyone. Supporting each other gives us more than a warm glow: for every £1 spent, 70p stays in the neighbourhood. Yes, of course, we need supermarkets but community spirit is the social glue that makes us thrive.

We want you to help us make the market grow again. If you’re considering joining us please contact Margaret Gayfer now to find out more: 01473 623849

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