Martlesham Heath Country Market

It is with deep regret that the team at Martlesham Heath Country Market announce the closure of the market from 1 April.

Just as the spring flowers and pleasant sunshine were making everyone feel more positive, the team have had to make this difficult decision. It is not a result of Covid-19 nor related restrictions.

New food labelling regulations come into force on 1 October. These regulations apply to food that is pre-packed for direct sale and are to protect people with allergies, also known as Natasha’s Law. Due to the ever more stringent requirements for labelling every ingredient in the food the market makes, and because some ingredients change – even minutely – from batch to batch, a significant number of their bakers and cooks are unable to comply.

The good news: several of their makers and bakers will be found at Kesgrave Community Market, held every third Saturday of the month, so please find them there!

“Thank you to all our lovely friendly customers and friends for your much-valued and loyal support over many years,” Martlesham Heath Country Market workers said.


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