Local Photographer Features In National Geographic Book

Robyn Fayers is an aspiring wildlife photographer from Bramford who had the honour of having one of her amazing images featured in a National Geographic book last year.

Even from a young age, Robyn has had a passion for animals and photography, though photography had been more of a hobby previously.

Her journey to getting her photographs published nationally started when she took a trip to South Africa in 2019 with her university. There, she experimented with wildlife images, getting up close and personal with some amazing animals and scenery, all with her borrowed 250ml lens.

Robyn’s supervisor loved her pictures and shared them round her faculty. Soon after that, Dr Anna Wilkinson asked her to photograph some of her tortoises who had been taught how to yawn and identify colours. Robyn was then told that these photographs would be featured in a National Geographic children’s book under the ‘Pet Records’ section.

“When I got the email, I had to read it a few times and get my mum to check it. As soon as she emailed me about it, I was like ‘Oh my God, yes absolutely!’ so that’s how that came around. I’m a very strong believer that everything happens for a reason and everything just sort of fell into place for me thankfully, it was kind of like dominoes.”

Robyn hopes that, with this book being released, younger people will start to explore the outdoors a bit more and perhaps take their own camera with them. She admits that while some things are better seen without a lens, it’s the ‘moments’ that you experience that made her fall in love with photography.

“I had a moment last year, we saw a Muntjac on our walk and we called it Sylivia and then I didn’t see her for a very long time, we got mildly worried. One time I was out with my camera and I saw her, she had babies and she came up to me with them and it was just such a heartwarming moment. I almost cried the whole way home; it was so beautiful. I started shaking because I was so taken aback by how much she trusted me. I think about that moment a lot.”

For now, Robyn is content to post and produce wildlife photography on her Instagram and Facebook whilst studying her masters in Fox Ecology, so that everyone can experience a bit of the outdoors during this gloomy time, with the hopes of becoming a professional wildlife photographer/videographer or getting a PHD.

To check out Robyn’s work in the National Geographic book when it’s released, follow the link here: collins.co.uk/collections/national-geographickids-books-keep-kids-busy, and to check out some more of Robyn’s amazing work follow her on Instagram or Facebook @robynfayersphotography.


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