Janet Drake’s Yogalates

From Monday 4th December, Mind Body Moment will teach Yogalates™ in a course like structure, starting with a one-to-one assessment followed by an introductory course (six 90-minute classes – max six clients). On completion the client can join any of the general sessions (four 90-minute classes – max 10 clients).

Louise Solomon developed Yogalates™ over 20 years ago. It is the original award winning exercise method integrating Pilates and Yoga, creating a system that develops core stability and strength, while enhancing stamina, flexibility and balance, and brings relaxation and well-being to mind and body, all with particular attention to safety, for all body types, during practice.

Janet Drake, the owner of Mind Body Moment, is ballet trained from eight years old, attending Elmhurst Ballet School between the ages 11-18. After a short stint on the professional stage “life got in the way” of her dance teaching ambition until her 50s, when she started FunDancing (her dance fitness business).

Despite life’s detour, Janet attended many forms of daily fitness including Aerobics, Step, Body Pump, Yoga and Pilates. More recently, Janet wanted to discover more about Yoga and Pilates and how to safely improve strength, core stability and all the other good things that these two disciplines provide. This is how she found Yogalates™.

A year of continual study including an intensive two-week practicum, Janet completed the Solomon Yogalate™ Method Teachers Training (September 2017) at 60.

Janet commented,

“The safety of YogalatesTM, the constant discovery about my mind and body as I work through the vast array of exercises, poses, meditations and breathing techniques, is giving me a stronger, leaner and healthier body and mind. I am looking forward to sharing my experience with others”

Contact Janet by calling 07506 350 455 // Or email: [email protected]

For more information, class bookings and prepayments please visit: www.mindbodymoment.co.uk

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