Jack’s ‘David Goggins Challenge’ For The British Heart Foundation

Often referred to as the 4x4x48 challenge, participants run for four miles every four hours for 48 hours. Jack’s target was £350 but, so far, he has raised £2,630 and, with your support, perhaps he can get to £3,000.

“I have been blown away by the support I have received,” says Jack. “Just two weeks in, I had already reached £2,500 and with donations still coming in, I’d love to make it a nice round £3,000.”

So, what inspired Jack to take on a 4x4x48?

When 20-year-old Jack was attending university in London, his parents split up and his mum filed for divorce. Jack moved back home to support his mum and continued his studies at the University of Suffolk.

During this period, his mum revealed that his dad wasn’t his biological father and that Jack was conceived through IVF using a registered sperm donor. Though shocked at first, Jack ultimately decided to track down his biological father, which he did through an organisation called DonorLink.

Jack’s Father

Unfortunately, he discovered that his father had died at the age 22. Jack’s new grandparents were keen to meet him and welcomed him with open arms when he visited them at home in Radlett.

Jack described that moment as one of the most amazing experience of his life. Getting to know his father’s family has been life-changing and when you know the circumstances of his father’s sudden death, you’ll understand why the prospect of raising £3,000 for the British Heath Foundation fills him with delight.

Jack’s father was a medical student with plans to be a surgeon. He became a sperm donor to raise extra money but, thankfully, didn’t keep it a secret from his parents as it was them who contacted DonorLink and provided the lab coat from which a DNA sample was extracted.

Rather extraordinarily, they did this at about the same time Jack began his search. To say the stars has aligned would be an understatement!

They told Jack about the evening their son had arrived home for the weekend and gone upstairs to have a shower where he tragically collapsed and died due to sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS). It was clear to Jack that his father was talented and well-loved as accounts in local newspapers described his death as a tragic loss.

Now knowing the circumstances of his father’s death, Jack was forced to consider the possibility that he might have an inherited heart condition. His nan arranged a visit to St George’s Hospital in London where yet another extraordinary coincidence occurred.

Jack and his nan met with the consultant who had led the pathology investigation on his father 20 years earlier! After extensive tests over a period of 18 months or so, the consultant confirmed that there was no evidence of heart disease.

However, Jack has stayed under Dr Elijah Behr’s care ever since because there was no indication as to why his father had died. Jack had planned to run the London Marathon in his dad’s memory and to raise money for the BHF but after several unsuccessful applications, he took on the David Goggins Challenge instead.

“It’s not an easy one, that’s for sure, but I’ve really enjoyed doing it and the support I’ve received has been phenomenal. I’m so grateful to everyone who has contributed and I’m very proud to make this donation to the BHF in memory of a man, my dad, who was taken so tragically young. I hope he’s proud of what I have achieved.”

If you’d like to support Jack’s fundraising campaign, you’ll find his GoFundMe page at:

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