Ipswich & District Soroptimist Club

Do you need a bit of decluttering? If so, and if you are into sewing, we could help you out. Is your work space filling up with bits of material left over from previous projects? You have probably kept them in case they might ‘come in useful’. Well, we have a use for them!

We are making bags for syringe drivers, small pumps which some patients have to carry around with them, in particular if they need constant medication to relieve pain. The bags are like mini totes with a cross body strap. At the moment we are making them for patients of the hospice, a complete cross-section of men, women and ages. It’s going to be fun to expand soon into making bags for children cared for by EACH.

We would be really grateful if you would like be part of this project by passing on to us any pieces of material which you think would be suitable for the bags or their linings. Obviously large pieces would be helpful, but an attractive remnant about 60cm x 25cm would be fine for making the outside of one bag. If you have any designs for children they would be especially welcome. Please contact Jenny on 01473 714252 or Joyce on 01394 615659 if you have materials to offer, and thank you.

What else are we doing? Throughout 2018, with the many celebrations of the women’s vote, we came across all sorts of interesting women’s groups about whom we would like to know more. At our March meeting Kim Trotter is talking to us about the Future Female Society.

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