Introducing Suffolk Crafted

Words by Chris Lupton

People want more space for all sorts of reasons. Moving house is one option, but it can cost £15,000 to do it, on top of the extra £30-40,000 you would pay for the extra space. Building an extension is another option, but by far the cheapest option is to have a garden room built.

There are other advantages to having a space separate from the main house: it’s quieter, so you can concentrate or relax properly; it’s soundproofed from the main house if you (or your children) want to make noise; there is much less disruption while it’s being built; it makes an attractive feature to enhance your garden.

I built one in my own garden several years ago and it has served many functions. At various times it has been an office, reading room, a place to sit with friends and have a drink and occasionally a guest room. On top of all that it is a nice feature of the garden set in the trees. The key to it all has been that it was solidly built from the start, with four inch thick cavity wall insulation, a solid roof, double glazing and heating, so it can be used all year round.

Suffolk Crafted is a new venture for me, but it is also the culmination of everything which has led up to this point in my life. I have always loved designing and making things in wood. I was brought up on a farm and so was taught to work with my hands from an early age by my father (he’s still going strong at 92). The garden room I built for my family was the inspiration for this venture, as well as others I have worked on since.

Every Suffolk Crafted build is unique; I work with each customer to create plans for exactly what they need: traditional cottage style, contemporary or arched pod. I am even planning to make shepherd’s huts later this year. I am very enthusiastic and confident about what I make. I am also a perfectionist in everything I do, which means I tend to over-build so it will last, rather than cut corners to save money.

It won’t make me a millionaire, but I will leave my customers with the keys to a properly craftsman-built garden room which will last as long as their house. All Suffolk Crafted garden rooms are built on site rather than prefabricated in a factory. This makes for a solid construction and cuts down on the need for expensive factory space and lorries.

I don’t want Suffolk Crafted to grow large; it’s more important to me to have hands-on control of every project. Because of this I can keep my prices at least 20% cheaper than even the pre-fab manufacturers. Suffolk people buy locally, they appreciate honest, quality products and they appreciate value for money. Suffolk Crafted can deliver all that.

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