Heart Screening at High School

What a weekend! Stowmarket High School hosted another Heart screening session this weekend. Screening took place at the school’s vocational learning centre. The money raised by the Lily Webster Memorial Fund gave us the opportunity of screening another 210, 14-35 year olds from across the Stowmarket area. This is the third year that through the charity, Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY) and the donations from the Lily Webster Memorial Fund, we have been able to offer this service to the young people of Stowmarket.

Lily Webster a student at Stowmarket High School; died suddenly from a rare heart condition in January 2012. Since then, Lily’s mum, Melanie and her family and friends have raised money so that young people in and around Stowmarket have had the opportunity to be screened. This screening can identify early signs of potentially fatal conditions that would otherwise go undetected. The screening this weekend identified 6 more young people with potentially abnormal heart rhythms who have now been referred for further testing.

The Consultant Cardiologist and the Physicians have now screened over 600 young people locally and are hoping to be able to carry out another screening session next year with the continued support of Melanie and the Lily Webster Memorial Fund. Heart screening not only helps to identify young people who may be at risk but provides invaluable data to enable Professor Sharma and his team the ability to understand why Sudden Adult Death occurs.

For further information regarding Heart Screening please visit the CRY website: www.c-r-y.org.uk

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