Hall Farm Restaurant Open Again

Hall Farm restaurant has been growing from strength to strength for years now and all involved are extremely proud of the business it has become. Hall Farm is a unique site with much to offer the consumer. 

In 2001, The Barrie family began diversification from a mixed farm to the multifunctional business Hall Farm has become today. The restaurant is actually based in converted cattle byre with wonderful views of the farm. John and Myra have taken a less hands-on approach in recent years as the younger generation stepped up to take the reins. John’s three sons, William, Edward and Matthew, have an active role in the management of the site. The restaurant is headed by Sarah Brass (front-of-house) and Lee Morgan (in the kitchen). Sarah and Lee have been at Hall Farm for several years and have a perfect understanding of the Hall Farm product and a clear passion for its success.

Of course, the pandemic has taken its toll on the restaurant, as is has done in so many market sectors, Many are still cautious about dining in their favourite restaurants or having a drink in their favourite pubs, which Sarah acknowledges.

 “We completely understand the concerns people have but we would urge people to show support for our local pubs and restaurants. They offer so much to the community and are all doing a fantastic job of making sure they can offer their service in a safe and friendly environment.”

 The main goal at Hall Farm right now is to return to previous strengths, offering customers the same experience they have known and loved.

“We are only three days into our reopening journey and are happy with the progress made thus far,” says Sarah. “Five days a week (the restaurant is closed on closed on Monday and Tuesday) we offer our famous full English breakfast as well as a full lunch menu along with our much-loved tea and cake.”

Despite huge changes over the years, Hall Farm has always been a part of its local community. William, Edward and Matthew believe strongly in supporting other businesses in the area, as well as regular customers. The Hall Farm Shop & Deli was open throughout lockdown, offering an essential local service and attracting many new customers who were keen to shop for quality local produce in a more relaxed atmosphere. Now they can pop into the restaurant too, I suspect Sarah and her team will be busier than ever.

“We love the buzz when the restaurant is busy and it’s always wonderful to welcome back familiar faces. It almost feels like Christmas for us right now. I’ve never been so excited to go into work and Lee and I, and all the team, are working super hard to give customers a lovely time with great food in a friendly and relaxing space. Come on down. We can’t wait to serve you.”

Find out more at: http://hallfarmshop.com/

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