Halesworth Volunteer Centre and Spectra support travel to vaccinations

HVC have been the co-ordinating hub for shopping and prescription deliveries to families, the elderly, and the vulnerable with a team of cheerful and well-organised volunteers during all three lockdowns. In their latest initiative, they are supporting Halesworth Area Community Transport to take vulnerable elderly people with no vehicle to their vaccinations.

HVC have a team of drivers with vehicles, PPE, and excellent sanitation training,  and were able to take those most at risk who couldn’t use the bus. 

Following an appeal to local businesses Spectra answered the call for help and have donated funds to take nearly 70 people to Sole Bay Health Centre.

Emma Healey, the Halesworth Volunteer Centre Manager, explains: “We’re so pleased to have the funding from Spectra. It’s fantastic to have support from a local business and we are really grateful to them for helping us to support HACT.”

Joe Maynard, CEO at Spectra, said: “Local services are the lifeblood of our community. We understand the important role they play because they have proved invaluable to many family members and friends of staff at Spectra. As a local company, we are truly honoured to help in any way we can and applaud the fantastic work by Halesworth Volunteer Centre.”

HVC are currently shopping for 44 households in Halesworth and the surrounding rural communities.  They also support the local pharmacies and dispensaries by picking up and delivering medication. In January HVC completed 3500 deliveries of food or medication. 

Another vital service is providing telephone support to over 60 people who are living alone, a friendly voice to check up on people’s health and well-being and make sure that people are not finding the latest lockdown too isolating and overwhelming.  

HVC has also co-ordinated regular deliveries of cakes and treats to people
who live alone. 

If you need support or can help HVC, please get in touch. 

Halesworth Volunteer Centre

01986 875600

c[email protected]

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