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The other afternoon I got out the garden shredder ready to put in a pile of prunings that I had cut down the week before. I like to let them dry off a bit as they seem to go through more easily that way. With all the dry weather that had been forecast, I had left a pile of clippings by the garage door all ready. After about half an hour the job was done and the last bag had been filled ready for the compost. I turned to check there was nothing left to do and right by my feet was the little robin you can see in the photo. He was busy collecting all the insects that had been sheltering under the pile of clippings. He even managed to balance on the wall to catch the ones that thought they were heading for safety!

After a while he flew away, but not before doing a quick circle of the garage and flying out again. I took a chance that he might come back, popped indoors for my camera and sat down to wait. Sure enough, after about five minutes he returned for the ones that he had missed the first time! I didn’t have the heart to sweep up in case he came back for thirds so I did that the following morning.

Moments like this are just the reason we should keep one or two areas in our gardens that aren’t too tidy, just one of the many ways we can attract wildlife.

Sadly the ongoing situation means that Hadleigh Garden Club is still not able to have its usual monthly meetings or visits. However, you can find out all about our programme for 2020/2021 by visiting the website; just go to the ‘What’s On’page where you will find month by month details of what is happening. We usually meet at Hadleigh Town Hall at 7.30pm on the second Monday of the month and we are always happy to welcome visitors.

For more information visit www.visithadleighsuffolk.co.uk or email hadleighgardenclub@gmail.com.


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