Hadleigh And Boxford Patient Participation Group

The implications of the Covid-19 restrictions and the recent high-profile work of Prince William and others have done much to raise the awareness of mental health issues within the population.

Not before time, this challenging topic is now openly discussed and addressed. Sadly, the mental well-being of all ages can be threatened by a lack of social contact, self-esteem and bleak prospects. However, the PPG decided to focus on the youngsters in our midst and investigate the resources available to them and their families should any such problems arise.

The group compiled a comprehensive directory of all known organisations, both local and national, that can offer specialist help in a wide field of mental and physical health issues. The accuracy of the list has been meticulously checked and it is now readily available online to all age groups.

It was encouraging to discover that over 45 groups are covering every aspect of youngsters’ well-being, from eating disorders to bullying. We hope that the directory will provide a useful source of appropriate help for families, individuals and anyone working with young people in need of professional help. Go to: www.hadleighhealth.co.uk/youth-support-groups

Hadleigh and Boxford PPG

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