Great Blakenham Parish Council

Our next meeting is scheduled for 7.30pm on Wednesday 10 March. Due to Covid-19, we continue to meet via Zoom. Details of this and how residents can join will be on the agenda, which is displayed on council noticeboards (outside the Parish Room, outside Budgens, outside Jack Brand’s and on Masons Drive) and on our website and social media (details below). You can also contact the clerk to request the link.

Please consider joining a meeting with us, even if you haven’t used Zoom before. It is very easy and there is no cost to join. Everyone is welcome at council meetings no matter how they are held and there is a 15-minute public forum where you can ask questions or raise issues related to the work of the parish council.

I would like to request that users of the Gipping Road bus shelter use the cigarette butt bin that we have installed. Cigarette ends are constantly being dropped on the ground, both inside the shelter and around the outside.

With a special bin in place, there is no excuse for this behavior which is unhygienic and unpleasant for other users and our street cleaners. Thank you to those of you who do use the bin (and all the other rubbish and dog waste bins the council provides).

We are looking for old photos of the Lawn Cemetery on Chalk Hill Lane so they can be put on our website. It is nearly 100 years since ‘the Chairman and Overseers of Great Blakenham’ bought the land that was to become the cemetery and it would be good to have some more images to record its history. If you have any you would like to share on our website, please contact the clerk.

As I write, there is no further news on Valley Ridge (formerly SnOasis) but as soon as more information becomes available, it will be posted on social media and in these articles.

We still have vacancies for councillors. If you would like to find out more, please join the next meeting and see what it’s all about or contact the clerk. Having more councillors means that the council is in a position to take on more projects, so please give it serious consideration.

Stay safe and well in these difficult times. Thank you for reading this and for your interest in the work of your parish council.

Great Blakenham Parish Council Chairman, Steve Plume

Parish Clerk, Janet Gobey
[email protected] / 07508 830777
Facebook: @greatblakenhampc
Twitter: @pcgtblakenham

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