Good Neighbours

Are there people living in your community who would benefit from a Good Neighbour? A Good Neighbour Scheme is a group of people who help others in their community. This could be by giving a lift, checking a smoke alarm, changing a light bulb, fixing a tap, tidying a garden, or perhaps befriending someone who is lonely or new to the village. It is run by a group of local residents who want to help their neighbours enjoy a better quality of life.

Each scheme is operated via a phone (normally a mobile) which is held in turn by a core group of volunteers. A duty period is usually one week but can be negotiated between members of the volunteer team. Anyone who needs help can call the number and speak to the duty officer, who will locate a suitable volunteer.

Community Action Suffolk can support you in setting up a scheme, we can provide you with all the advice and guidance you will need.

Please contact Good Neighbour Scheme Development Officer Sally Connick  by calling 01473 345 359 // 07884 563 370. Or email:

For more information, visit:

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