Get Active Stay Fit

Would you like to feel more energetic, regain strength in your muscles and suppleness in your joints? Perhaps you would like to improve your posture and balance and reduce the risk or falls?

If so, there is a keep fit class starting in Henley Village Hall on Tuesdays, commencing, October 17th , from 2.15-3.15pm. The class is a low impact exercise to music class with a focus on building stamina, strength and balance. Each of the sessions start with a gentle warm-up, finish with stretching and relaxation and are easy to follow. You may be pleased to know that you would not need to get down onto the floor during the classes.

As well as the physical benefits, exercise is known to be a great way to lift mood as our bodies release chemicals into the blood stream which give us ‘the feel good factor’. Research shows that keeping active is crucial in maintaining good memory and our ability to reason as we age.

The classes are run throughout the year on a pay on the day basis and there is also an existing class in the Ascension Hall in Ipswich, on Mondays from 11am-12 noon. For more information please call Julia on 01473 620 511.

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