Free Mindfulness Course

Mindfulness is a modern way to enhance life. It is being aware of your present moment thoughts, feelings and physical sensations without judgement and without trying to change it. In practise, mindfulness means staying focused on one thing at a time. It can make us calmer and more centred, and improve our physical well-being. It can also help increase compassion for self and others. People who practise mindfulness often feel more in control of their choices and behaviour. The mindful way to well-being is life-changing.

Annemarie was a teacher in a secondary school when introduced to mindfulness. She was so impressed by its results for herself and my pupil, that she trained to teach adults and children, and now runs Right Now Works. Her clients have found they are calmer, content, sleeping and being able to ‘control’ head chatter.

If you are the carer of a family member, Annemarie is pleased to be able to offer you a free course on Tuesday afternoons in a beautiful barn in Otley. Carers who have previously been on a mindfulness course now meet with me monthly and enjoy the support of the group while practising. There is a taster session on Tuesday, September 11 at 1pm and the eight-week course starts the following week on Tuesday, September 18 at 1pm.

If you would like to come on this free course or any of the other courses that she runs please contact Annemarie at: [email protected]

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