Free Domestic Abuse Helpline

Anglia Care Trust (ACT), in partnership with Suffolk County Council have launched a free, 24/7 Suffolk Domestic Abuse helpline: 0800 977 5690.

Domestic abuse takes many forms – similar to COVID-19 it’s a hidden danger, and sometimes a hidden killer. Although domestic abuse is usually synonymous with violence, often physical abuse is not a factor at all. Michelle Eaves, Operational Manager for Community Safety with ACT explains:

“Domestic abuse covers a huge range of behaviours. Many victims suffer coercive control: their abuser will isolate them from friends and family and will make sufferers feel as if the abuse is their own fault. Financial abuse is another form – the perpetrator will take control of all household income and will restrict access to any money. Psychological abuse takes many forms and, very often, the survivor hides the abuse, just as much as someone that’s been physically harmed, as they are made to believe they have caused the behaviour.”

Survivors of domestic abuse can be any age, any gender, any ethnicity, religion or sexuality. The traditional view of domestic abuse is that the victim will be a female and the abuser will be a male. As Michelle says:

“Working with survivors of domestic abuse, we provide support, advice and action for males as well as females; there are a surprising amount of male victims who in some cases find it more difficult to reach out for help. It’s also not just a partner to partner issue; we have parents who are abused by their children, and take calls from friends worried about someone suffering abuse.”

The Suffolk Domestic Abuse helpline is there for anyone – sufferers/survivors of domestic abuse; friends, family or colleagues of sufferers; and for advice – please pass the number on and let people know that they are not alone – this may just be someone’s lifeline: 0800 977 5690

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