Fields Church: You’re On Mute!

A quick word for the Fields Church:

This must be one of the most used phrases of the last few months, with so many people using online platforms like Zoom, Google Hangouts or Teams for work or to stay connected to family and friends. Boris Johnson’s voice comes into my head as he has had to repeat it to journalists during several Downing Street briefings!

However, we are so thankful for this technology which makes it possible to see and hear each other when we can’t be together physically. As a church family, we have used Zoom in various ways since March 2020, for leaders’ meetings, Life Groups, prayer meetings and, more recently, Sunday services. It has been a great experience as we can see each other worshiping together, in real-time, and can interact with comments in the chat and actions and encouraging gestures on screen.

An amazing group of talented people have supported in making Zoom services possible, including someone in charge of the mute button!

As connecting online has been so important for everyone, we have also developed a new website. It carries the vision, message and life of the Fields family which is founded on a God who is not on mute. A God who came down as a man and spoke to us as Jesus, who still speaks to us through his Word, the Bible, and to us as a Church as we meet together.

God is not on mute: he is waiting to talk to you and if we can help you get that conversation started, please check out our new website where you will find all the information you need to connect with us and find our services. You can also email us at: [email protected]

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