Eustace Broke Lorraine Trust

The Eustace Broke Lorraine Trust, was set up in 1935 by Sir Percy Loraine, to provide money for the ‘further or higher education of children whose parents are or have lately been permanent residents of Bramford and who have been educated in one or other of the Bramford Schools.

The role of the trust is to allocate small grants annually to former pupils of Bramford School who are carrying on their education at university or college. The trust has a small sum of money available at present and the trustees are willing to award grantsn to pupils who are undertaking further or higher education, provided their application fits in with the above terms of the trust deed.

The pupil is allowed to use any grant for the purchase of such items as books, equipment, etc, but is not expected to use the grant for everyday living, or travelling expenses.

Chris would be pleased to receive applications from students who fit in the above categories. The student should write to him, explaining what he/she is studying at college or university, and what he/she would use any grant for. The sum of money available is finite, and therefore the more applicants there are, the less potentially each could get.

The trustees will meet in October to consider any applications, so if they can receive your applications by the beginning of October, it would be appreciated. If you have any queries prior to writing a letter, please do not hesitate to contact him.

 Contact Christopher M Bush on 01473 461 208 // [email protected]

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